Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's Learn about Saturn Return

Saturn Return is like asking you to clean out your garage, or your closet. As intense as it can be, it removes all the built-up clutter in your life to reveal a more authentic path and a more authentic you. Sometimes people leave your life, sometimes through death, sometimes through choice.

If you do a thorough job during your first Saturn Return, between the ages of 28 and 30, the rest of your life will be better and your second Saturn Return will be easier. If you fail to rise to the task at 28-30, your second Saturn Return, ages 58-60, when you are more deeply entrenched in an inauthentic life, may be difficult indeed. This is one of the reasons many people die betwen 58 and 60. They may not have met the challenges of the first Saturn Return and at the time of the second, the stress is overwhelming. One of the reasons I'm writing these articles is that, unforuntately, both of my parents died during their second Saturn Returns.

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