Thursday, September 20, 2007

How Saturn Return Looks in Real Lives of Famous People

The Saturn Return occurs between the ages of 28 and 30. It marks the official end of childhood and "past lives" - the two are similar psychically and even psychologically. Perhaps you could say that when we come into this lifetime, we re-create the conditions of our past lives, be they "good" or "bad" which carry us through to the age of 30. After that, we're on our own! Officially into the new lifetime, through a "difficult birth" at the Saturn Return, now we create from our own life force. The Universe asks us to discover (actually "remember" would be a better word) what it was we came here to do and get on with it.

If you're in the habit of listening to people older than you, you may have noticed what dramatic changes people make in their lives at around 30. I can't think of anything more valuable for young people in their 30s and 40s than to read biographies of famous people as well. Here you will learn that no life is without difficulty and that many overcome hardship to succeed. Biographies are some of the most inspiring things you can read.

On a personal note, at times when I have most needed inspiration, I found greater inspiration in reading biographies than even in meditation ... it is as though the biographies are the answer to my prayer as I choose the ones that seem to be so pertinent to the issue I am struggling with.

Here are some examples of significant things people did at their Saturn Returns -- taken from the lives of many different people in different times and places so you can see how universal this principle is:

  • A 29 YEAR OLD WOMAN who had married an abusive man when she was just 17 finally found the courage to leave him. She took her three kids to another state to live with a nice older man.
  • ANOTHER MAN ended his career as a successful rock concert promoter (in the 70s), married, had a kid and began to sell real estate for a living - unfortunately he hadn't saved any of the money he made during the wild days!
  • ECKART TOLLE, author of "The Power of Now" had a conversion experience at 30 and began his life as a spiritual teacher.
  • VETERINARIAN has painful childhood including undiagnosed spina bifida and undiagnosed ruptured appendix. Both conditions are corrected and at thirty, he enters a period of twenty years without health problems and says he never felt good before he was thirty.
  • GWYNETH PALTROW'S father died just as she was starting work on the film about Sylvia Plath's life and suicide. After, she decided to take at least a year off, saying, 'I worked so much in my 20s, and I really burned the candle at both ends and I wasn't too picky about what I did,'she said. 'I think the combination of losing my father, turning 30, taking a year off has completely shifted everything.'" She has recently announced that she is going to be a mother.
  • Just turning 30, WINSTON CHURCHILL followed his father's footsteps, crossing the floor of Parliament to the liberals (over Tariff Reform), an event which would have lasting repercussions in his life.
  • FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE did the unheard of at 30. She left for the Crimean War, beginning one of the most influential lives of the early 20th century.
  • At his Saturn Return, NAPOLEON wrote, regarding his relationship with Josephine, "The veil is torn…. It is sad when one and the same heart is torn by such conflicting feelings for one person…. I need to be alone. I am tired of grandeur; all my feelings have dried up. I no longer care about my glory. At twenty-nine I have exhausted everything."

[footnote about love, 16 years later ...]: Josephine caught a cold in mid-May 1814, and despite a doctor's care she grew steadily worse. She died on May 29, in the arms of her son Eugene. Napoleon learned of her death via a French journal while in exile on Elba, and stayed locked in his room for two days, refusing to see anyone. Throughout her life Josephine had surrounded herself with the sight and scent of violets. Two days after his return from exile on Elba Napoleon visited Malmaison and collected violets from Josephine's garden. He would wear them in a locket until his death, a reminder of their tumultuous love. [website by Philip Bloom]

  • At 28 NICOLE KIDMAN began to make it into the big time on her own in films, moving out of the shadow of her husband, Tom Cruise. Perhaps this was the beginning of the end of the marriage a few years later.
  • STANLEY KUBRICK, turning 30, made his first major studio film, the powerful antiwar movie "Paths of Glory" starring Kirk Douglas.
  • At 30 MARILYN MONROE filmed "Bus Stop", met Lee Strasberg and Arthur Miller; and married Miller within the year.
  • JOHN FORBES NASH, JR. ("A Beautiful Mind") married, had a child and experienced the onset of his mental illness at about 30.
  • At 31, PRINCESS DIANA got her formal separation from Charles. The damaging book "Diana: Her True Story" by Andrew Morton came out the year before, revealing that the princess suffered bouts of depression and bulimia, even attempting suicide.
  • ORENTHAL J. SIMPSON ended his career with the Buffalo Bills (1969-77), going briefly to the San Francisco 49ers for two years after that. At his second Saturn Return he was arrested on a felony charge.
  • BEETHOVEN was aware of his impending deafness when he released his first symphony in 1800, at the age of 30. (His deafness was the onset of syphilis, so it had impact on many layers.)
  • ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER met his wife Maria Shriver at a tennis tournament when he was 30; they married two years later. 30 years later, preparing for his second Saturn Return, Schwarzenegger is elected governor and apologizes for his womanizing through the years.

* At 30, LEO TOLSTOY ends a life of gambling, fornicating and murder (his own words) to start a peasants' school on his estate. This is the man whose book The Kingdom of God Is Within You influenced Gandhi to begin his passive resistance movement. Tolstoy also tries at this time to give his serfs their freedom and to give away his land to them but they are suspicious and refuse. 30 years later at his second Saturn Return, Tolstoy tries to will his estate and property to his serfs but his wife and children revolt.

  • Between the ages of 27-32 OSAMA BIN LADEN began spending more time in Afghanistan than Saudi Arabia. He would spend a total of eight months a year or more in Afghanistan. [Afghanistan is where he found the personal and material resources for Al Quaeda]
  • World War I ended and ADOLF HITLER turned 30. Having no where else to go, he returned to Munich and joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP). Two years later he was elected party chairman or "Fuehrer".
  • The UNITED NATIONS has been going through its second Saturn Return this past year and next .. what a beating! Will it reassert itself and grow or ...morph into something else?
  • ROY HORN (Siegfried & Roy) was mauled right in the middle of his second Saturn Return
  • FREDERICK ENGELS was 28 and Carl Marx 30 when they published The Communist Manifesto
  • At 30 ROBERT MC NAMARA came down with polio and a week later so did his wife, who almost didn't recover -- his case was slight

  • ANGELINA JOLIE had the Mother of all Saturn Returns. Need I say more? OK. She went from quasi porn store to humanitarian, Mother of the Year and Consort to a Demigod.


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