Friday, September 28, 2007

When to Get a Reading?

I recieved an amazing astrological report from Nancy at a time when I was experiencing an identity crisis. My life was all questions, no answers. I was depressed, stifled and uninspired. After recieving Nancy's report, I felt revived. Something in my spirit was reawakened. I understood how the experiences I've had were neccessary in shaping who I am so that I have the tools to be that which I aspire towards. The report gave me new insight into my self and to the hidden influences affecting my current state of mind. I was able to get in line with the underlying energy and use it in my favor instead of feeling burdened by it. With this new sense of empowerment, I moved across the country, signed up for school and am following my life long dreams. I recommend Nancy's report to anyone that is in need of revitalization and answers!

-Lee Ann Fleissner

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