Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturn Return in Virgo Happening Now

If you have Saturn in Virgo, born roughly between 1978 and 1981, and you can’t get it perfect you will procrastinate…. Not only that, here are some more Saturn in Virgo issues:

  • not prepared enough
  • not good enough
  • not ready enough
  • not capable enough

This book is a great resource: Addiction to Perfection by Marion Woodman

  • not well enough trained
  • not pretty/handson/tall/short/old/young enough
  • not enough, enough, enough …

This is the curse of perfectionism. In a few fields, like brain surgery and diamond cutting, you can fine tune this characteristic and hammer it home.

If you want to become “the Expert”, that’s another positive use of the energy.

If you’re a regular person, however, perfectionism can be toxic enough to destroy the quality or your life and your relationships as well as your mental and physical health.

During your life, you can change this by learning when enough IS enough, how to leave well enough alone and not to fix it when it’s working.

If your friends accuse you of micro-managing, if you have ulcers or facial ticks, if you’re bulimic or have chronic digestive problems, you’re a Saturn in Virgo kid who needs to learn the difference between perfection and perfected.

And your first Saturn Return is the perfect (ahem!) time to get to work on that.

A Tale of Two Second Saturn Returns

It’s been a bad year for British Lords and Businessmen. Earlier this year British Petroleum (BP)'s Edmund John Philip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, aka Lord Browne, approached his second Saturn Return (payback time). As it sometimes does at Saturn Return, his life began to unravel. Within months his brilliant career was over, his reputation besmirched because of a homosexual scandal, and he may have lost a $3 billion retirement package as well.
It would seem Lord Browne is having the Mother of all second Saturn Returns.

Let’s look at Browne’s chart and put these unfortunate events in the context of Saturn Return.

Beginning at the beginning, which is a very good place to start, Browne’s father was a British army officer. His mother was a Hungarian survivor of Auschwitz. Browne worked for the same company his father did, British Petroleum or BP, for 41 years, the last 11 at the head, as CEO. BP is a publicly held company with shareholders and the CEO is constrained to protect others’ investment by keeping costs down and running the company prudently. Browne did an outstanding job. He also promoted green ideas and made the noble declaration that the right of self determination was crucial to people all over the world.

For the last four years, Browne had a homosexual affair with one Jeff Chevalier from Canada, a lad he met on “Suited and Booted,” a gay website. Browne is in much of the trouble he’s in because he later lied to a judge and said he met Chevalier jogging in the park. He also accused Chevalier of substance abuse and instability. He will probably not be prosecuted for perjury but the judge gave him a scathing condemnation.

Further, officers of publically held companies are held to very high standards of ethics to protect the public interest. This doesn't affect that Browne had a personal life but rather that he lied under oath.

When the affair with Chevalier ended, the young “escort” threatened to publish the details of his affair with Browne. It was also alleged that Browne abused company assets and resources by, among other things, giving Chevalier a BP laptop, letting him use the company plane and hand delivering him cash via a BP employee. It is illegal to use resources of a publicly held company for personal pleasure or to squander the assets frivolously. Were this Browne’s own company, he could have done whatever he wanted.

In his resignation statement made in May (2007), Lord Browne commented: "In my 41 years with BP, I have kept my private life separate from my business life. I have always regarded my sexuality as a personal matter, to be kept private. I shall not be commenting on my personal issues further. I wish to pursue my personal life in private. It is a matter of deep disappointment that a newspaper group has now decided that allegations about my personal life should be made public."

Browne’s public life is ruined. He has already resigned from some other boards and positions. He may lose his pension. The rosy projects that usually await a man of his stature and reputation will be withheld. He is expected to “do a Profumo,” referring to the British minister caught in a sex scandal who devoted the rest of his life to public charities and eventually re-earned the respect of his peers.

Let’s take a look at Lord Browne’s chart. We don't have the time of birth.

Gemini, Aquarius and Uranus are energies prominent in the charts of many gay men, often affecting the Moon which represents the mother. These energies can indicate a promiscuous lifestyle, a Peter Pan attitude, and thrill seeking high risk emotional behavior. Until very recently, getting “outed” could ruin careers or result in blackmail and extortion. I don’t think we would believe such a thing possible in the 21 st century, a full 18 months after Elton John’s marriage, but Browne conducted his life like a man of the past century—living a lie -- and set himself up for the classic denouement that gay men everywhere used to have to fear. His Moon is conjunct Uranus in Gemini.

Browne’s Moon also indicates a perhaps dreadfully unstable mother, maybe even “unhinged”, as one might expect of a tragic concentration camp survivor. Evidently her experiences during the war affected her ability to nurture, making a traditional male/female relationship unpleasing to her son.

If there’s a lot of Gemini, Leo and Pisces in a chart, it’s possible to lead a double life altogether. Gemini and Pisces are dual signs while Leo in their company promotes melodrama combined with a long run of very excellent acting. Browne has three planets in Leo with his Sun in Pisces trine Uranus in Gemini.

Browne has Venus in Aries opposite Neptune in Libra trine Saturn and Pluto in Leo. This is a powerful desire nature. This man is very loving. He has an exalted love nature (Venus opposite Neptune) but you can also be sure that whatever Lord Browne wants, be it money, sex or the companionship of a particular young escort, he wants it very, very badly (Mars/Saturn/Pluto). This kind of passion can border on obsession and often leaves a person open to extortion if it takes them to a dark place. Some wonder why Chevalier isn’t being charged with extortion.

The chart also reveals Browne’s enlightened green attitude with Sun trine Uranus and his high energy and charisma with nice aspects to Pluto and the Mars/Saturn/Pluto Stellium in Leo that many of that time period have (“Boomers”).

Browne’s South Node in Scorpio can give him the power and tendency to undo himself. It sat there all these years like a time bomb.

What does this have to do with the Saturn Return? The Saturn Return timing would indicate that this undoing was for Lord Browne’s higher good. Let me explain.

Saturn makes its first Return to its natal position when we are between 28-30 years old and the second time between 58-60. Lord Browne is 59.

Lord Browne's official second Saturn Return began September 2, 2006. Saturn checks up on us at these ages to make sure we are living an authentic life. We get a chance at 30 to opt in and again at 60 if we still aren’t with the program. In some cases there are major course corrections at either time and Lord Browne is certainly having one. I write widely about this elsewhere on my website. Lord Browne is one of many "Boomers" currently experiencing their second Saturn Return. If a person has been leading an authentic life, rewards come at 58-60. What is an authentic life? If you're gay, be gay.

A meaningful contrast would be Sir Elton John. Sir Elton came out at his first Saturn Return (age 28-30). It was under difficult circumstances but he did it. His popularity suffered a little. He regrouped and the rest, as they say, is history. Sir Elton's reward at his second Saturn Return could be considered coincidental but there are no coincidences. He was able to legally bind with his life partner.

Pluto has also been transiting Lord Browne's natal Jupiter. What has been hidden becomes visible and that is always a very good thing.

Yes, you could say Edmund John Philip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, aka Lord Browne, has been living a lie. The Universe wants us to be whole and wholly who we are. Lord Browne’s event is tragic by conventional standards, devastating financially and materially, but spiritually it will permit him to lead the final third of is life as a whole and therefore healed person.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Nancy's First Saturn Return

This is how I looked at my first Saturn Return. You'd hardly guess my whole life was falling apart.

I have Saturn in the 8th house and that's a tough one.

What house is your Saturn in? I hope you're a lot luckier than I was!
It is the difficulties I had at my own first Saturn Return that made me want to reach out to others at this difficult time.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chickens Come Home to Roost at Second Saturn Return

French playboy Jean-Maurice Agnelet has been convicted of murdering an heiress soon after her casino sale windfall when they were both 29. They were both at their first Saturn Return. Her body has never been found.

The 69-year-old lawyer was only charged during his second Saturn Return in 2000 after another girlfriend withdrew the alibi she had given him. Chickens comes home to roost at the second SR.

Agnelet was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Doris Lessing has Saturn in Virgo

Doris Lessing who won the Novel Prize for Literature today is approaching her third Saturn Return. Here's her chart.
Showing her Saturn in Virgo qualities, she completely rewrote one book, "The Fifth Child" before she felt it had integrity.
Her very unhappy life is shown by the conjunt of Mars/Venus and Saturn. That is a person effectively robbed of all human happiness and comfort.
Lessing's Saturn is at 8 degres of VIrgo. Her chart shows a near-kite pattern including a Grand Trine between Mars/Pluto and Uranus. She could have withstood anything, probablyy did, but would never abide weak people.
Lessing had two short marriages in the 1940s.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nancy R. Fenn becomes "The Saturn Return Expert" at Self Growth

SELF GROWTH is the #1 Self Improvement Site On The Web, as Ranked by Google and Yahoo!

Nancy R. Fenn has been chosen SATURN RETURN EXPERT for the gigantic self growth community served by this information portal. What an honor!