Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturn Return in Virgo Happening Now

If you have Saturn in Virgo, born roughly between 1978 and 1981, and you can’t get it perfect you will procrastinate…. Not only that, here are some more Saturn in Virgo issues:

  • not prepared enough
  • not good enough
  • not ready enough
  • not capable enough

This book is a great resource: Addiction to Perfection by Marion Woodman

  • not well enough trained
  • not pretty/handson/tall/short/old/young enough
  • not enough, enough, enough …

This is the curse of perfectionism. In a few fields, like brain surgery and diamond cutting, you can fine tune this characteristic and hammer it home.

If you want to become “the Expert”, that’s another positive use of the energy.

If you’re a regular person, however, perfectionism can be toxic enough to destroy the quality or your life and your relationships as well as your mental and physical health.

During your life, you can change this by learning when enough IS enough, how to leave well enough alone and not to fix it when it’s working.

If your friends accuse you of micro-managing, if you have ulcers or facial ticks, if you’re bulimic or have chronic digestive problems, you’re a Saturn in Virgo kid who needs to learn the difference between perfection and perfected.

And your first Saturn Return is the perfect (ahem!) time to get to work on that.

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