Friday, November 9, 2007

The Nation's Saturn Return Expert

[Nancy R. Fenn, the Nation's Saturn Return Expert]
What Nancy's Saturn Return Clients Say ...

"I have been involved with astrology for over 40 years, have had 4 different teachers and know what I need to learn. Nancy R. Fenn's reading yesterday was and is brilliant. Liz Greene did a chart for me this year and 2 other astrologers, with little understanding of the 2nd Saturn return. It is like Nancy knows it, is not afraid of it and assisted me in embracing it. Nancy Fenn has an uncanny ability to see from a larger perspective...absolutely brilliant. It makes perfect sense, very logical the way she shared it. For the past 10 years I have been fascinated with the nodes and find no astrologers that really discuss them. From my point of view Nancy's understanding and brilliance of astrology, particularly the nodes and Saturn return deserves to be shared in a book...".

~Fiona McCain

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