Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barry's First Saturn Return

Dear Nancy,
I wish to tell you my 1st saturn return story. My 2nd Saturn return is due soon. I am hoping this time around I might find material and spiritual happiness.

During my 30th year (approx. 1980) I was pursuing my first degree in Fine Arts (a for year u/g degree). At the end of the third year I was failed in my major, photography, by a panel of 5 academics (3 against 2). It was a politically motivated outcome rather than on quality or quantity of my work, I initially suffered from guilt and anxiety but soon realised I was meant to fight this decision as I had been warned of several unfair things going on against me for several years. As it happened, I also experienced a strange positive force which puzzled me but in seeking an answer I did a considerable quantity of private research which impressed other academics and so was actually allowed to continue private research for the final year while waitng for an appeal to be heard. This appeal process actually took 7 months before the institution saw there was no way I was going to back down; and a special new panel devised and a date to be heard. During this final year I was banned from lectures because I could not officially enrol (as an appeal had not been settled).The subject of my thesis was essentially my personal evolution via a spontaneously religious experience based on psychological and philosophical findings of my art and life. I graduated at the normal time as all my peers because this thesis (30,000 words) was graded as being of particular uniqueness in an area outside the general knowledge of the art academics. It was presented to another university in 1981 where I was offered entry into a MA (Fine); but which I did not take up. I managed to complete the Fine Art Degree because I had increased my workload during the third year to cover two extra subjects which incidently were top scores in science electives. As things turned out this allowed me a lot of time during 1980 to think about my self and.what had to be done.

Now, 2007, I have been considering doing a MEnv. Man./Sustainability degree also by research. I developed poor health over the last few years and since completing my fifth u/g degree have been heavily researching my self through integral psychology and esoteric studies. I have reason to believe my life’s true purpose may be made possible with the next saturn return. I have little money, I live a very frugal life and am keen to be more successful with money as I believe money would enable me to best help others. I hope yo find my letter interesting.

Cheers Barry

Note from Nancy: Barry handled a tough first Saturn Return beautifully and may expect rewards at the second. He didn’t sent his vital info but he sounds like a Saturnian type person, stoic, frugal, determined and also perhaps, scapegoated.

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